BVES was founded as a charitable organisation in eastern Democratic Republic of Congo in 1992, by a group of Congolese doctors, psychologists, sociologists and lawyers to promote children’s welfare, education and protection.

Since the onset of conflict in the DRC, BVES has specialised in the protection of children involved in armed conflict. To date, BVES has secured the release of several thousand child soldiers from government security forces and armed groups, and organized the successful return of these children to their families.

The success BVES has achieved in child soldier release and reintegration has led it to become one of the most influential national organizations in this field. BVES has won national and international awards for its work, including the prestigious World Children’s Prize in 2011.

BVES promotes the rights of street children, imprisoned children, and children who are refugees, or former soldiers. BVES operates centres that help these children to re-join their communities after being abducted by armed groups or orphaned by war, and provides psychological and educational support.

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