About Us


Our Mission

Working Together – Congo aim to help the people of the Democratic Republic of Congo to help themselves.

We will raise public awareness of the needs of the DRC, and will raise funds to support DRC based charities and community groups who provide training, educational initiatives, access to health and development projects, that are sustainable, self-sufficient and aim to be financially independent.

Our Vision

We want the people of DRC to be able to look after themselves, feed and house their families and have reasonable access to education and healthcare.

Our Principles

Working Together – Congo has been set up as a new type of charity.

      • We have no offices and hence no overheads.
      • We have no paid employees in the UK.  All of our Directors, Volunteers and Officers work for the charity without any salary or reimbursement.
      • We will not take any expenses from the general charity funds. Anything we need will either be donated directly to the charity, or the person donating the money for that expenditure will donate that money knowing what it is to be spent on.
      • We are totally focused on getting the best results from every pound we spend. Project expenditure will be tightly controlled and the results will be measured and reported on.  In this way, people who give us their hard earned money will know that every penny of that money will be going to fund the projects that they have given it for. Also they will be able to follow the progress of those projects and see for themselves that their money has been well used.
      • We will ensure that all of our activities and associations support the fundamental principles of human rights.

Working Together-Congo is based in Brighton, East Sussex and is Registered Charity. Number 1145161